- Company Chronicle
2011 set up a joint group, integration of global high-tech industry, technology, logistics and factory and re-layout of the Asia, Europe and other parts of the market.
U.S. cooperation with the Beijing 2011 Technology Materials R & D of cosmetics products.
2011 successfully developed new products with diamond paste, cut NOx performance increase, reduction in the use and suitable for life, raising topics.
2011 in response to business demand for the company to expand sales and service, move office locations.
2011 co-founded the design department, the company recognized the image of the site and re-integration planning to start a new situation, new atmosphere.
2011 combined a lot of money have been put into developing new energy-saving materials.
2010 extended to the joint supply of raw materials and other parts of Asia and Europe.
2010 won the Business Times, when other media interviews.
2010 invited to participate in scientific and technological elite leaders dinner.
2010 Materials science and technology co-promoter of the new posture exhibit SEMICON Taiwan 2010 and come to an end.
2009 SEMICON Taiwan 2010 International Semiconductor Exhibition participating.