All raw materials adopted


   All raw materials adopted by Union Group and our affiliates are handled in most professional, most sophisticated, and most sci-tech technologies. We not only have installed our own extraction production lines, but also adopted most advanced production and control equipments with latest technologies home and abroad. And the sourcing, from origin to analysis and extraction, of fluorescent materials, energy-saving materials, polishing powders, refractory and high temperature ceramics, is also one of the major businesses of Union Group. The products mentioned above have been widely used in various modern high-tech and traditional industrial products, such as electronic devices, computers, electric-driven motors, LCD display screens, digital video and audio discs, permanent magnetic materials, magnetic memories, optical fiber communications, mobile phone batteries, and precision optical instruments, as well as essential raw materials in environmental protection energy-saving products; and refractory products have been widely used in heat processing equipments of petrochemical, metallurgy, nonferrous metals, glass, building materials, chemical fertilizer and cement industrial … etc. In addition to key production items, various kinds of chemical raw materials and special chemical raw materials are also development projects under Union Group and our professional business systems. Currently, our Group’s products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan, Singapore and South Korea.