Diamond polishing slurry: Diamond slurry is an polishing product with excellent chemical mechanical performance, made by dispersing abrasive particles in media, widely used in grinding and precision polishing of silicon wafer, compound crystals, optical devices, liquid crystal panels, gemstones, metal parts…etc.
Polishing slurry is divided into the following series:



Monocrystalline diamond slurry (MDS)
Polycrystalline diamond slurry (PDS)
Nano-diamond slurry (NDS)
Polycrystalline diamond slurry:Polycrystalline diamond slurry: has unique toughness and self-sharpening, can achieve high grinding force and not easy to cause scratching. Suitable for grinding and polishing of precision metal materials.


Features of Polycrystalline diamond slurry
  • Selected polycrystalline diamond abrasive.
  • Can achieve very high cutting force and good surface finish result in processing of high hardness wafer.
  • Polycrystalline diamond nano-particle is formed by a number of original crystals with shape close to a sphere, not easy to result in blade in the grinding process.

Polycrystalline diamond slurry applications

Precision polishing of material of hard disk, magnetic head…etc.


Slurry specifications

Particle size (μm) Media MDS PDS NDS Particle size (μm) Media MDS PDS NDS
0.1 Water/oil 3-6 Water/oil
0.25 Water/oil 4-8 Water/oil
0.5 Water/oil 5-10 Water/oil
0-1 Water/oil 6-12 Water/oil
0-2 Water/oil 8-16 Water/oil
1-2 Water/oil 10-20 Water/oil
1-3 Water/oil 15-25 Water/oil
2-4 Water/oil 20-30 Water/oil

※All the specifications listed above are common specifications,can refer to the fineness adjustment for diamond powder,and also can be adjusted according to customer needs.

※Product code is coded as follows:
Code = Slurry Code + media + fineness
For example: 3μm waterborne polycrystalline diamond polishing slurry  PDS-W3