Equipment business

  Union Group has full range specifications and complete precision grinding and polishing machines, and has set up professional factories to engage in the production and sales of a series high quality precision single- and double-sided grinding machines, mirror polishing machines; and also supply various grinding and polishing consumables, and provide technical services as well as run-in commissioning and technical guidance of equipments and consumables according to the characteristics of customers’ manufacturing process requirements. Union Group’s Machine Business System is a modern grinding industry high-end sci-tech service provider; we have integrated necessary equipments, parts, and consumables, as well as technical support, consulting and development into an integral whole. Our customers spread high-tech production regions all over Asia; our technical staffs also provide perfect maintenance, repair and after-sales services to our customers.


*Electric Part

‧Semiconductor silicon wafer
‧Computer parts
‧VCR parts and magnetic heads
‧Quartz oscillator


*Machine Part

‧Ceramic parts
‧Mechanical sealing
‧Gear and the gear pump
‧Die-casting parts
‧Engine parts
‧Gate valve, valve
‧Compressor valve
‧Hydraulic parts
‧Clutch discs
‧Brake pads


*Optic Part

‧Optical panel
‧TV monitor tube