Energy-saving/Semi-conductor Business

Energy-saving/Semiconductor Business System Quality/price/delivery
Total solution for semiconductor customers

   We always uphold the persistence for “quality, price, and delivery” and continuously improve customer awareness and demand for semiconductor consumables.
   In response to future market demand, the company continues on expanding our product lines, currently we supply
WCQ/BASF/Coors Tek/Maruwa products, almost completely cover all semiconductors consumables. Increase value-added services to win customer trust and satisfaction, so as to increase profitability.

Major professional services of semiconductor consumables
  • WCQ: etching zone quartz/silicon consumables
  • Coors Tek: diffusion zone SiC furnace tube.
  • Maruwa: Maruwa: diffusion zone quartz furnace tube.
  • BASF: diffusion zone thermal couple sensor.
  • OEM experience on every product line.
  • Global customers on every product line.
  • Related ISO certification for every product line.
  • All company members own more than ten years semiconductor industry experience.