Research and development/Processing business

  Relying on advantages of skilled and professional production technology and rapid response to market trends, and with a foothold in Taiwan, as well as the strategy of global development, Union Group has developed diversified products, excellent quality and world-class cutting edge technologies, and established R&D team in accordance with market’s customers demands; and in order to meet customers’ future needs and maintain high competitiveness, Union Group has committed in enhancing manufacturing process technology and product development, and established process R&D team to continuously pursue manufacturing process technology improvement and upgrade. In the future, Union Group will also work closely with customers to develop products to meet market demands.

Service contents:

Covers R&D innovation, education and training, procurement, manufacturing, processing, process improvement, technology transfer, transportation, recycling and other professional and technical services.
◎ Grinder/miller machining
◎ Various related technology transfer
◎ CVD, PVECVD machines
◎ PVT machines, crystal growth, carbonation series technology transfers
◎ Cost evaluation
◎ Manufacturing process technology development
◎ Whole plant technology production and export, technology transfer
◎ Processing product improvement: defect ratio reduction, yield enhancement