Visual communication design business
  Quoting Kenya Hara’s words, appropriately show the company’s reason for existence in the community, that is exactly the work of our Union Group Business System.

Design Field

Bridging the gaps between Company - Goods - Consumers

Visual image identity system design Media and interface between products and consumers, it plays an important role in protecting goods, introducing goods, beautifying goods, guiding consumption, as well as facilitating storage and transportation, sales and measurement.
Font/logo design A specific graphic is a symbol which symbolizes or represents a country, institution, organization, business or product. Simple, intuitive, and easy to identify.
Arrangement design In order to achieve the purpose of effectively conveying enterprise-specific information, writing strokes, structure, shape, color and layout relating to the enterprise should be conducted by a certain art treatment, to form a distinct personality, and make them easy to identify and easy to remember.
Packaging design With regard to the cover and layout of a product, carry on artistic design according to the features or fields of the product or goods, to improve the interest of users or purchasers, thereby enhancing their understanding about its usability, convenience and knowledge.
Advertisement design Through making use of images, videos, computer technology, as well as composite methods, to carry out creative graphic design, ingenious thinking and unique performance to achieve propaganda purposes.
Website Design The designer must pay attention to the aesthetics of website design, the accuracy of contents, and the use of communities, only by that, the popularity of a website can be created, visibility can be improved, thereby a large flow of the website can be enhanced, and the marketing purposes of the enterprise could be further achieved.
Both the design of content and display method of a website must meet the functionality and aesthetics requirements. The functionality refers to that the contents of the website is presented in an organized manner, so users can efficiently browse the website, while the aesthetics include colors of web pages and other visual topics for transmit information .
Display design In a wired or wireless space, use of visual elements to conduct arrangement, organization to achieve the purpose of delivering product features and corporate image.
Integration design The packaging and design of overall image of an enterprise, individual or product, must integrate all aspects mentioned above to achieve the overall design purpose, so that communication and impact can be effectively created.

Design process

1.       Preliminary communication and planning (understanding the design objectives and scope)
2.       Framework integration and quotation
3.       Set up a special project after the contract has been signed
4.       Pay the first term contract value according to proportion
5.       Project schedule determined